Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Leaving for the Island"

On Sept. 22/09 I will take off to the heart of polynesia Apia Samoa. On saturday at 3:00 pm on the Maninoa beach I will be saying wedding vows and giving  up my single life. WOW! never thought I would ever give in and get married. My friends and family still don't believe it! I have enjoyed being single and not having kids even though It seemed like most of my life I was always caring for other peoples children. I knew that I was free to do as I wanted and go where I wanted. Except for the few relationships that tried to keep me on a leash, at that point I knew that these relationships would never end in marriage.
So you may be wondering why now? why this guy? it's still very strange to me that after all the years that have passed that we would not only find each other, but to end up getting married? I truly believe that God had his hand in all of this.

I heard someone say once that "Great love and great achivements involve great risk."